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We specialize in transformative experiences that empower individuals, teams, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Our three signature supports - for businesses and teams, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and individuals - are designed to ignite your leadership potential and lead you toward your unique path of growth and success. 

Training & Workshops

In the world of business, the strength of your team is the cornerstone of success. Our Corporate Training programs are tailored to enhance the skills, mindset, and collaboration of your workforce. 

Mentorship and Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur seeking guidance and support on your journey? Our Mentorship and Coaching programs for Empowerpreneurs are crafted to provide you with the tools, insights, and personalized coaching necessary to propel your business forward.  

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Leadership isn't confined to the boardroom; it's a journey of self-discovery that anyone can embark on.   Our Transformational Leadership Coaching Packages are designed for individuals ready to step into their unique flavor of leadership, success, and prosperity. 


At Embodied Leadership By Design

We're here to empower you on a transformative journey

Towards living authentically, embracing collaborative leadership, and realizing the importance of your unique leadership gifts in creating empowering collective change. We believe that authenticity, collaboration, and purposeful leadership are not just ideals; they are THE keys to both personal and collective growth, expansion, success and sustainable impact.

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I thought becoming myself
was improving each part
piece by piece.
But it was
a hidden wholeness,
seeing the fractures
as the design

~Brianna Wiest

Image by Lauren Mancke


Whether you're looking to foster leadership qualities among your employees, improve communication, or boost productivity, our expert trainers will customize a program to align with your organizational goals. Experience the transformation as your team becomes a cohesive, empowered unit ready to tackle any challenge.

here's how

  • Leadership Success Blueprints:  Delve into your team's Success Blueprint, uncovering each team member's strengths and challenges. This self-awareness is the foundation for team cohesion.

  • Collaboration & Uniqueness: Learn how to collaborate and mindfully leverage each other's gifts, celebrating diversity as creative assets.

  • Embodied Coaching: Our holistic approach blends applied neuroscience, somatics, and coaching techniques. Stay grounded, manage stress, and increase well-being for authentic leadership.


Image by Annemarie Grudën


Welcome to a new way of approaching Entrepreneurial success and purpose-full impact.  Whether you're a budding visionary or a seasoned entrepreneur, our mentors will help you refine your vision, strategize for growth, and overcome obstacles.  In our mindfully crafted programs, you'll dive deep into exploring your unique human design, master the art of creative collaboration, align your life and business with your purpose, and learn to use the (inevitable) challenges on the entrepreneurial path as tools for self-awareness and empowerment.

Our “Empowerpreneur” coaching is deeply rooted in:

  • Discovering your Success Blueprint, understanding your strengths, and embracing challenges with a new lens. 

  • Learning to collaborate more effectively by embracing uniqueness as a creative asset rather than an obstacle. Harnessing the power of your unique gifts and leveraging them in the world naturally cultivates more success and abundance.

  • Aligning your work and life with a deep sense of purpose. By viewing the entrepreneurial path as a meaning-making adventure instead of a pass/fail exam,  your entrepreneurial journey becomes a spiritual path toward authentic empowerment and heart-centered leadership.

  • Breaking free from past limitations, patterns, and stories to fully embody your potential as a purpose-driven leader.

Unlock Your inner “Empowerpreneur”

Image by Jess Bailey


Our Commitment to Your Transformation:

  • Navigate the complexities of managing teams and fostering cohesion amidst diversity.

  • Inspire and motivate others, amplifying your impact and influence.

  • Make difficult decisions with greater ease and clarity, ensuring alignment with your vision and values.

  • Cultivate a sense of fulfillment and balance in both your professional and personal life.

  • Open doors to greater support and abundance, enabling you to thrive amidst challenges.

  • Enhance your personal empowerment, fostering resilience and adaptability in dynamic environments.

  • Experience a life enriched with purpose and meaning, aligning your actions with your highest aspirations as a leader.

Are you prepared to elevate your lifestyle, improve your overall well-being, and cultivate deeper fulfillment in your connections at home and work? Are you longing to unlock opportunities for increased support, abundance, and personal empowerment? If you're in pursuit of satisfaction, equilibrium, and a roadmap to a more inspired and enriching life, our Transformational Leadership Coaching is tailor-made for individuals like you!

Ready to become an
empowered leader?

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